The world is saved by action


The BLUEBRO project starts. It will include different “Adventure and Sustainability” actions over the next few months, ending with the integral descent of the Ebro river with Kayak.

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Water, our life power


The BLUEBRO project has the clear vocation of communicating on sustainability and environmental issues from the “WATER” resource point of view, using adventure as a transversal means to disseminate in an entertaining, exciting and not very technical way, that allows us to reach and share concepts with the maximum number of people possible. Therefore, in this section, the following concepts will be treated periodically throughout the year that this project will last:

  • Water Management: in terms of uses in industry, agriculture, human consumption, etc.
  • Health and Biodiversity: in adjacent territories, both for humans and for other species.
  • Water Pollution and Purification.
  • Inter Territorial Resource: Collaboration, management and tensions between territories. The major river in Spain and his example / comparison with other territories.
  • The “Macro” challenges: Effects of Climate Change. Adaptation and future strategies.